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How to Track and Manage your Usage

Xplornet offers Internet service to Canadians everywhere. On our network - like any network - the available bandwidth has to be shared by all the users. To help ensure that our customers have equitable access to the network, and to make sure that the costs of usage are equitably distributed, Xplornet has implemented a number of policies to manage usage on our network.

Some of our plans feature a 24-hour usage allowance and recovery mode

With these plans, if you exceed your plan's daily usage allowance, your service will be placed in recovery mode and your speed will be reduced for a period of time. At the end of that period, the system will re-evaluate your usage to see if you are within the allowance for the preceding 24 hours. If the system finds you are below your 24-hour allowance, recovery mode will end and your speed will no longer be restricted.

Some of our plans feature a monthly usage allowance and overage billing

We also have some plans that feature billing for usage beyond a monthly allowance.  With these plans, when you exceed your monthly allowance, you will be billed for the incremental usage on a per-gigabyte basis.  

Detailed information about usage limits is also available in the Traffic Management Policy for each of our plans.

Tips and tools to help you understand and track your usage

Customers on plans that feature overage billing can access the Usage Tracker, an online tool that allows you to track your Internet usage on a monthly basis. Using this tool will help you stay on top of your daily and monthly Internet usage.  The data in the tool is updated every 4-24 hours. Checking the Usage Tracker periodically can help you see whether you're getting close to your monthly allowance. 

The Usage Tracker is available to customers on usage plans through the MyXplornet Self-Service Portal.

If you are consistently exceeding your monthly bandwidth allowance, it is recommended that you upgrade to a package better suited to your usage needs. This will help you avoid being surprised by a bill for usage or being placed in a Limited State.

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